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Frequently asked questions about products, warranties & returns

+How can I get a catalog?

We do our best to have as little impact on our fragile environment as possible, so you can either use this website as our virtual catalog, or you can download a PDF of our catalog here.

+Is my board "shred ready" when I buy it?

All YES. boards are ready to ride straight out of the package. All boards are tuned and factory-waxed, so that you can get right down to business as soon as you leave the shop.

+How or where can I find a dealer to purchase YES. products?

Simple, just click on our Authorized Dealer Locator, follow the required locator prompts, and let our site’s robots do the searching for you.

+How do I know what size board is right for me?

The best is to read our YES. Snowboard sizing guideline. If you still have questions, contact any of our Authorized Dealers for advice, they will help you figure out which board is right for you.

+I have a bigger foot. Do I need a wider board?

The best is to read our YES. Snowboard sizing guideline. In short: If you have a size US10-10.5 boot, then please, seriously consider a wide. If you have a size 11.0 boot, do not ever consider anything other than a wide when looking at our “traditional” models ( Emoticon, Typo, Jackpot, Standard, TDF, Greats, Hel, PYL)

+Do you have any pointers on how to set up my bindings?

Binding adjustment is an art form, not a science. You may have to try every stance adjustment possible before you dial in the perfect stance for the type of riding you prefer. Sometimes you may have different set ups based on the type of conditions you are riding on any given day, as well as the type of board you are riding, so there is no one perfect answer. You just have to experiment until you reach a spot of total happiness.

However, a good rule of thumb is to initially set the width of your stance at shoulder width, then you can determine whether you want to go further or closer together in stance width. In terms of the angles of your stance, many people prefer giving their front feet has somewhat more angle than their back ones, but that is nothing more than personal preference.

+What is YES.’s warranty policy?

For details of our warranty and the warranty claim process, please click here.

+Do you make custom boards or sizes?

No, we currently do not offer custom graphics or sizes due to the complexity and expensive price of setup tools.

+What is my board’s factory edge angle?

All YES. boards come with a 90 degree factory edge angle. You may adjust the edge angle to tune the board to your riding style or local conditions.

Maintaining your edges is crucial for maximum performance. YES. dealers and professional ski/board tuning shops will offer the best tuning services. Find your local dealer here.

+Should I de-tune the tip and tail edges?

YES. boards come lightly de-tuned from the factory. It is not mandatory to de-tune your board more, but if you feel the tip or tail of the board is still catchy, you may de-tune further using sand paper or a file.

For questions about de-tuning, contact your local dealer here.